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DP Equipment Adding Support for FMTV LTV MTV M1078 M1083 Trucks Vehicles

DP Equipment is adding parts support for the FMTV vehicles that are currently being sold in increasing numbers as surplus by the DOD.  We will have parts support for both the LTV (2 1/2 Ton) and the MTV (5 Ton) trucks since there are many common parts in these trucks.  We are listing parts as […]

What are Caged Brakes or What are “Cage” Bolts and How To Use Them on an FMTV Truck

Before we jump into the Cage Bolts we need a quick lesson on Air Brakes for those who are unfamiliar.  And yes this Cage is different from a CAGE code for those of you who are suppliers to the Federal Government. As a bonus who knows what a CAGE code stands for?(See the bottom of […]