Additional Incoming Government / DOD Surplus for 2019

Just in a nice lot of 1200 pounds of tools from and east coast warehouse and we are still unpacking this one.  There are a bunch of unused and little used torque wrenches in this load.  All sizes from 1/4″ drive all the way to a couple of 1″ drive big boys rated 1000 Ft/pounds.  Additionally there are a bunch of Snap On tools in this load both new, used, and broken.  As always with government tools the users engraved id has been ground off even on the new tools, so even the unused tools are marked.  We have had buyers in the past have issues with this practice or ask why the government does this…………..Short answer —-> If you are looking for high quality working tools these are a great deal and are priced accordingly because of the marks, if you want toolbox queens to polish and look at these might not be what you are after.  As to why………..well why does the government do a lot of the things they do…………Who knows…….  There are a lot of nice high end high quality tools in this load from names such as: Snap On, Proto, Starrett, Wright, Armstrong, and others.  We will be listing from this lot over the new few weeks and it has been quite a while since we gotten a load this nice.

Also on the way inbound are another 3000 pounds worth of tools and vehicle parts from the west coast warehouse.  We have not seen these yet but are expecting some more nice tools and parts!

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