New FMTV M1078 M1083 Problem Solver Parts

DP Equipment has recently released several problem solver parts for the FMTV trucks:

Window cranks – Metal replacement for the original plastic covered cranks that are hard to find and very expensive.  New crank is black metal and includes the correct screw to secure it.  In stock now! Slightly longer than stock which gives a little more leverage for rolling the windows up and down. PN#12418392 NSN# 2540-01-176-4001

Power relays for the FMTV trucks.  These trucks have both 12 volt and 24 volt electrical systems on board and use various relays to operate between the systems.  There are 4 different relays used.  We have all 4 in stock.  PN#s 12414270-001, 12414270-002, 12414270-003, 12414270-004  Many of the surplus trucks have missing relays or were sent to the “Dead Line” due to electrical problems.  We replace all relays and circuit breakers on trucks we get and in many cases this solves the no run issues that put the truck on the “Dead Line”

Rear Sway Bar Upper Bushing Kit for M1078 2 1/2 Ton These trucks use rubber bushings in the rear upper sway bar mounts.  The rubber breaks down over time resulting metal to metal contact between the steel spacer and the upper sway frame mount.  See this picture from one of our trucks.  The steel bushing is not centered in the upper mount.  Also notice the side washers are gone!  

Various vendors have some of the parts…….We have a complete problem solver kit that includes the bushings, spacer and side washers.  The original bushings are made from rubber that breaks down.  These bushings are made from machined urethane.  All parts are use made from our local machine shop vendors.  Picture of repaired mount on one of our trucks.

Notice all centered up in the mount!

Pictures of kit contents

Assembled bushing stack.

Be aware the bolts for these bushing are difficult to remove due the the fine thread pitch and the self locking nuts.  Heat is usually required.  Try not to damage the nut or bolt as replacements are hard to find as this is an extra fine metric thread pitch,

We also have many of the special tools available to work on and service the trucks.  We have some listed on our website but if you need others send us an emails with your request.

We have filters and service kits in stock for A0 and A1 versions of the truck.  Our oil and fuel filters are OEM CAT or Racor as required.

We have other parts in the works for these FMTV trucks so keep an eye out for new product announcements.

Some parts we are working on: Inside Door handles, Urethane cab mounts, Fiberglass Grills, Rebuild kit for the electric hydraulic power unit motor.

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  1. Harald Weiershäuser says:

    hi, is it possible to sen a set of this for 1 lmtv, 1 left and one right
    Rear Sway Bar Upper Bushing Kit for M1078 2 1/2 Ton

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